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Thinkers across the so called race, gender, sexuality, religion, positionalities have sought to understand human reality, raising their voices in providing insights and shaping politics. Though how surprised would we be to find whose voices are heard? Largely, the ideas of the elites that eventually flow into the public consciousness, it is their imagination that gets materialized, limiting ways of living. 

Rethinking Matters was inspired (by blogs such as Disruptive Inequalities) and conceived with an undercurrent of the democratization of ideas to include the wider marginalized voices, and ultimately unsettling the powers that be. Put differently, we aim to create broader bridges of thinking (reflecting heterogeneous voices), accessible and closer to the public consciousness. In parallel, ReThinking Matters also ambitiously seeks to not only understand but transcend societal divisions. This is to translate how interest aligned (by engaging those in positions of influence who are also critical in rethinking matters) can be transformed into creating (inculcating) meaningful change.

With this in mind, the purpose of ReThinking Matters:


- Reassessing (i.e. putting the re back into thinking) established thinking and its impact

- Capturing and engaging a collective and broader 'we' in the thinking matters

- Matters means both the 're' and 'we' thinking are important

- Matters also captures the physical tangibility of matter (including but not limited to data, technology, science, wealth, resources globally)

- Rethinking matters of inequalities both at an individual and/or structural level to allow a twofold impact:

1. disrupt the thinking of those in power to whom we unwittingly give consent in a system that governs and thinks for us (especially in our silence)

2. lead to rethinking how matter can and should be redistributed


In ReThinking matters, we hope to achieve a higher resolution on the problems in particular zooming into how inequalities are interconnected and intersectional, allowing a chance to reimagine solutions and create a more thoughtful conscientious harmonious sustainable society.


**This space is in a perpetual and iterative conceptual designing stage - so do sign up, leave your comments and contribute to the conversation**.

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